the truth

truth is that it can be hard and lonely to show up at your desk and lick the dust off your life…the keyboard…the blank page.

the truth is sometimes your favorite pen is lost and the pages of your notebooks feel salty beneath your hands.

your mind feels too wild to say much. the world is too sleepy to offer much help.

the truth is you don’t want to work in fits and rhyme. you want to say it right without even trying. rarely does that happen. so instead you recall the old slips that told you not today. that’s what you want to say…to you your words, too.

your words mind you not. they beg to to tumble from your stomach and the warm beds on your skin.

because the truth is you all sit down. after all.

you will sit down and carve a feast on the page. no matter…how humble, disjointed and/or lame. you will find the spine. with softness in your eyes you will seek the space that was once empty but now full of your body and words and sigh.

Daily gratitude

There are a few gratitude challenges running this month that I enjoy- illustrated faith + in(courage). I started with the latter but found the illustrated faith one soon after. I really just like to read the scriptures associated with the prompts. It is a way for me ….to have a plan so to speak for bible reading. Otherwise, I would really just be reading my favorite books (which is okay) but you know I like variety😬🤣

I have taken my old (classic) happy planner and refashioned it as a prayer journal with places for prayers, this month’s devotion (via Intouch ministries) ….I follow along m-s with the princess prayer warriors on YouTube. Right now they are doing a ten day reset…that is really interesting…of course none of these things are necessary for spiritual growth but they can be helpful. Especially for us folks that love paper bits and words.

I have really been enjoying this practice of gratitude because it reminds me of the all the good and simple things that I take for granted. It keeps me focus on the present moment and helps me refocus my yearnings….or at least see them for what they are.

things I like, a list

ripping pages out of old books and magazines and glueing them into journals.

crunchy leaves

green beans (not frozen though)

jars of pens

buttons (although I never actually sew them on anything)

rainy nights/I sleep so well

big glue sticks. I really do enjoy them more than the smaller ones…even though they are really the same.


washi tape

kale (lacto)

disc planners (although I dislike planning)

noodles. all the noodles.

fresh bread

ice water

sleeping under a pile of blankets/with the ceiling fan on

stacks of books

bird songs

Lukewarm food

the Potomac

random lists

A list for today #1

List |

Taking deep breaths

My kids. They are nuts but so fun. We are actually having a pretty decent summer and I say this because the past few have been bad bad. Keep us in your prayers.

Not trying to solve anyone’s business but my own| minding my business



Dandy blend

Outside and chill





Music…Tasha’s Cobbs break every chain.

Reading. I’m going to try and finish a stack of books that I’ve renewed about three times this month…it’s mostly cookbooks (so I have a fighting chance).

Remembering my grandma. Her passing anniversary is this month. I want to make a cake or cornbread and greens and all the food I can recall her cooking. I don’t know what I will have strength for but she will be on my heart. I want to remember her to my kids because because of her I am.

Art. It is such a gift. One day…I will write(even if only you for myself) how it changed my life for the better.



  • I found all my old photo editing apps
  • Blocked a few addictive websites and apps (for the time being)!
  • Pride and prejudice fan fiction makes me so happy
  • Trying to figure out where all my pens went….but seriously where are they?
  • Afternoon art dates with my oldest 🥰
  • Writing again. Slow. Steady and Messy.
  • Oil paints . Love their creaminess. Also gouache🎊
  • Making bread…and it’s actually edible and yummy🤣
  • My baby turns two next month. It feels like time is on steroids some days.
  • My cat knocking over my water cups because I never learn.